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Kitty Litter - 7x More Absorbent - BOGO 50% OFF!

Kitty Litter - 7x More Absorbent - BOGO 50% OFF!

Brand: Oley Hemp

Oley Hemp Kitty Litter is an all-natural, USDA Organic Hemp-based alternative to traditional clay-based cat litter, providing 7x more absorption power compared to other products. This environmentally-friendly litter is composed of 100% renewable, USA hemp fiber, creating a lightweight 4 lb bag that equals the absorbency of 21 lbs of traditional litter.
Additionally, this product's flushable clumping action and superior odor control with a naturally fresh and clean scent make it a top choice in the industry.

A 4 lb. bag of Oley Hemp Kitty Litter contains 14.72 L (0.52 cubic ft.) of litter, and we advise filling the litter box with 1.5 - 2 inches of the product.

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